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Established in 1888 in Europe, and operating in Australia since 1988, Shoetech is already a preferred supplier to orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons throughout Sydney.
Company Profile
Shoetech, a full service foot care clinic, allows consumers to go straight to the source for all their foot care needs. The innovative clinic is the first of its kind in Australia and offers a full range of assessment and treatment services for both adults and children, providing solutions to common problems such as chronic leg or foot pain as well as preventative strategies for long-term foot health.
Shoetech founder Karl Schott, a fourth generation foot care professional with over thirty years experience, has served as an adviser to the foot care industry around the world. He has earned many international qualifications and is an active member of the Australian Pedorthic Medical Grade Footwear Association.
Foot care innovation
Shoetech has been leading the way in foot care technology for many years. Since 1991 the Shoetech clinic has used
neurological disorder dynamic in shoe computerised under the foot plantar pressure evaluation systems in order to improve assessment and orthotic services. This technology driven diagnostic tool is complemented with the use of flexible non-rigid foot orthoses. In 2005 Shoetech were the first to introduce Sensometoric orthoses as a way to improve foot function, utilizing the body’s own proprioceptive system.
The Shoetech clinic provides thorough assessment and effective treatment for any of the following common foot conditions and referred pain:
Toe walking In-toeing med gait Achilles pain Ankle sprains
Arch pain Bunion pain Heel pain High arch
Flat Feet
Referred pain or issues:
Ceberal Palsy Balance problems Lower back pain Knee pain
Uneven wear on shoes Poor sports performance